Sebastian Gravlund

Le Mans was an Amazing Experience Despite Unfortunate Mishap

Sebastian Gravlund showcased his potential in the Road to Le Mans class during this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

For most racing drivers, competing on the Le Mans circuit is something truly special. This was also the case for Sebastian Gravlund, even though he “only” participated in one of the supporting classes before this year’s big race alongside his teammate at Inter Europol Competition, Tim Creswick:

“Le Mans has always been a dream of mine to race on. To be able to say that I’ve been there already is huge – and it was just as great an experience as I had expected. Everything is grand and wild, and the feeling of driving down the Mulsanne Straight… it’s almost indescribable”, says Sebastian Gravlund, who had a tough start to his Le Mans week.

In qualifying, where Sebastian aimed to secure a good starting position for the first of the week’s two 55-minute races, he pushed the car a bit too much and went off the track at the Ford chicane.

“That was a setback. I hit the wall backward and caused significant damage to the car, so the team had to replace the rear suspension, gearbox, and many carbon fiber parts. This also meant that Tim missed his qualifying session, and we ended up watching while the others competed in the first race”, explains Sebastian Gravlund, who had to start Saturday’s race from the 50th position. And that’s quite a way from the top spots:

“We agreed to just make the best of it and ensure we left the track with a good experience. But it was challenging because I had to get past a lot of slower cars, and the race was marred by many yellow flag zones. I think I had a single lap where I could drive freely, so it was quite a challenge”, says Sebastian Gravlund, who still managed to finish the race in 20th place after a strong effort from both him and Tim Creswick.

“I think we definitely made the best of the hand we were dealt. It’s a tough race because there were so many cars on the track, which led to quite a few dangerous situations with cars going off, and the track is much longer than other circuits, so you don’t have many laps to get to know it. But it was still amazing, and it has only made me more eager to come back and race in the 24 Hours”, says Sebastian.

He also got a taste of life as a Le Mans driver on Friday morning when he was invited on stage by K-Rejser as part of their traditional presentation of the Danish drivers at Le Mans, where he could share his story:

“It was wild! There were probably around 1,000 Danish motorsport fans listening and clapping. I understand why the “real” Le Mans drivers prioritize coming by and participating in that event, because it’s a really great feeling”, says Sebastian Gravlund.

Now, the Copenhagen racer faces a summer break. The next race in the Michelin Le Mans Cup is at Spa-Francorchamps on August 25th.