Sebastian Gravlund

Sebastian Gravlund Debuts at Le Mans This Weekend

The Copenhagen-based racing driver will participate in the Road to Le Mans races in connection with the legendary 24-hour race.

This event is naturally a highlight on the Michelin Le Mans Cup calendar as well as a significant milestone in Sebastian Gravlund’s career so far. Ever since he was a child watching the 24-hour race on TV, Le Mans has been on his wishlist:

“I have been looking forward to this week tremendously. I have always dreamed of experiencing Le Mans, and now that I have transitioned to endurance racing, it’s amazing that the opportunity came in my first season,” says Sebastian Gravlund, who is determined not to waste the chance:

“This is my chance to showcase myself, so I have spent many hours practicing in my simulator to be as prepared as possible. There’s so much prestige in performing well at Le Mans, even though I am not participating in the 24-hour race, so I haven’t skimped on preparations,” says Sebastian Gravlund, who is also pleased to have an experienced teammate – even one with Le Mans trophies on the shelf:

“Tim (Creswick) raced here last year and even finished second in one of the races, so I am looking forward to hearing about his experiences,” says Sebastian Gravlund.

Instead of a single two-hour race, the Road to Le Mans class features two races, each 55 minutes long. Traditionally, these are action-packed races where quick reflexes are essential, and Sebastian Gravlund’s experience with formula cars is advantageous here:

“Road to Le Mans is very similar to sprint racing, but with 58 cars on the grid and driver changes along the way. I will be able to use my experience from more intensive and technical races in formula cars. I hope this can give us an edge,” he says.
The preliminary practice sessions on the track begin on Wednesday, with qualifying and the first race on Thursday. Friday is a rest day, before Sebastian Gravlund and the rest of the Road to Le Mans field take to the track for the second race just a few hours before the main event starts.

Both races can be watched live on the website