Sebastian Gravlund

Gravlund back on track in Eurocup3

At the Jerez track in Spain, Sebastian Gravlund moved forward in the field among strong competitors.

This season has so far presented some technical challenges for the Copenhagen racing talent, but after a well-deserved summer break, luck seems to have turned. Thus, the 18-year-old racer was able to work his way forward in the Eurocup3 championship at the southern Spanish racetrack.

With a 10th place in qualifying, the starting point for the first race of the weekend was good. Sebastian drove a strong race and, despite noticeable pressure from competitors behind, secured the seventh position—and second place among the Rookie drivers.

However, in the qualifying for the second race of the weekend, it wasn’t as easy to get the car to behave as it should, and Sebastian had to settle for the 16th best lap time—and thus the starting position for the race.

From there, he managed to move up to the 13th position in a close field, and even though it’s not impressive, Sebastian Gravlund is happy with the course of the weekend:

– It’s been a bit up and down, but the car ran without problems all weekend, so I had the opportunity to develop my own driving and try some things, says Sebastian Gravlund, who can also look forward to another Rookie trophy:

– It’s a good proof that things were going in the right direction, but now I also want to get up there and have a trophy in the overall standings soon! That’s what I’m working on, reveals Sebastian.

And the work continues shortly because already this weekend, the next round of the championship is held on a track Sebastian has never driven on before:

– We’re racing at Estoril in Portugal, and it’s one of the old-school tracks that has previously been on the Formula 1 calendar. I’m really looking forward to experiencing that, but I also know it will be quite a challenge, says Sebastian Gravlund.