Sebastian Gravlund

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As my partner, you get the opportunity to experience motorsport up close. This includes being a VIP guest with my team during a race weekend in the Michelin Le Mans Cup and behind the wheel during race events. Additionally, you will be regularly updated on what’s happening through my newsletter.

Here are some of the opportunities you have as a partner:


Get your company logo on my race car, racing suit, and helmet, and be exposed throughout Europe. Let your brand be associated with the professionalism and high-tech development that motorsport represents.

You will also receive significant exposure on Facebook & Instagram.


Join me at racing events in the Michelin Le Mans Cup and experience the pinnacle of European formula racing directly from the pit garage.

Meet my team manager and watch as my engineer analyzes on-track data.

Get behind the wheel

Put on the racing suit and sit behind the wheel of a go-kart or a real race car. I’ll provide instructions and advice, but it’s you and your colleagues, business partners, or friends in the driver’s seat, pushing the pedal to the metal!


I’m happy to participate in receptions, exhibitions, and trade shows with your company. I can bring my professional simulator, allowing your employees and/or guests to try their hand at the virtual racing experience, just like when I’m training.

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There are almost limitless opportunities to get significant returns from sponsoring my racing career. Whether you prefer VIP experiences under southern skies or exciting experiences in the local area, there are thrilling possibilities.

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