Sebastian Gravlund

Strong Finish to an educational Season

Sebastian Gravlund secured more points in the Spanish Formula 4 championship at the final race at Circuit de Barcelona.

A sensible qualification ensured Sebastian 11th and 14th starting positions out of 35 cars for the first two races, providing a good starting point for achieving the top 10 positions he aimed for in the races.

– It actually went well in the first race, where I could drive up to ninth place, but due to a bit of fighting, I dropped back to 11th place. In that situation, it was difficult to be satisfied when the one in front got a point, but I was basically where I needed to be, says Sebastian Gravlund, who did not have many opportunities to advance in the next race.

– The middle race is only 18 minutes, and a large part of it ended up being run behind the safety car, so it was almost impossible to achieve anything, says Sebastian.

However, the second qualification resulted in a 10th starting position for the final race, so the last stint in the car was handled firmly:

– I had a great start and was up to seventh place before the first turn, and even though there was a bit of competition for positions, I held it home to the finish line. It was a cool way to end the weekend and the season because it also shows quite well how I have developed during the year, says Sebastian Gravlund, who ended up in fifth place in the rookie championship.

Over the weekend, he was also accompanied by one of his sponsors, Xena Networks, who had the opportunity to experience motorsport up close:

– It adds a lot to the atmosphere to have extra support on the sidelines. I think they enjoyed themselves a lot, and I enjoyed being able to share the sport and passion with them over the weekend, says Sebastian.

With the season successfully concluded, Sebastian now looks forward to a winter of training and decisions about the future:

– Since the race at Navarra, I have been driving steadily and fast, and it has given me the taste for becoming even sharper and faster before 2023. I’m in intense training now, so next year will be better both in terms of development and results, promises Gravlund.