Sebastian Gravlund

Technical glitch thwarted Gravlund’s quest for a trophy

Sebastian Gravlund aimed for a second-place finish in Eurocup3’s Rookie Championship, but a technical problem spoiled his chances.

After a couple of strong races, the Copenhagen-based racer had hoped to showcase his talent, but despite persistent efforts, the car resisted:

– We had a fault in my car that prevented me from using sixth gear. It’s far from optimal on a track like Barcelona, with a couple of quite long straights, says Sebastian, who despite the problems qualified as 13th and 11th for the two races of the weekend.
With a 12th place in Saturday’s race, Sebastian managed to perform some solid damage control, although it was far from enough to earn points in the Rookie Championship.

For Sunday’s race, the fault had been identified and fixed, so optimism was high when Sebastian took to the track for the last race of the year in Eurocup3. It didn’t last long because in the first turn of the race, Sebastian’s car had a close encounter with a competitor, resulting in the steering being bent.

– A bent steering makes it challenging to really move forward, so I’m glad I brought home an 11th place. It honestly wasn’t quite what I had set my sights on before I left, says Sebastian, continuing:

– It doesn’t change the fact that it’s been a really instructive year in Eurocup3, where the collaboration with MP Motorsport has become even better. I’ve gained many important experiences, so now I’m just looking forward to figuring out what will happen in 2024.